ANDREE BAILLARGEON , is a visual artist born in Montreal, Quebec. For years traveling throughout the United States,  Andree has now settled in Upstate New York where she enjoys her studio – a former hunting cabin –  in rural West Edmeston. Andree approaches fabric with the fascination for color and movement of abstract expressionism. Playfully combining various techniques, exploring natural color and sustainable practices Andree creates unique works on silk. From scarves and shawls, her always evolving work is now flowing to include home décor accessories and  simple garments which she calls intuitive couture where the print and fabric dictate the construction as it is draped into shape over a dress manequin . Clamp dying, hydro printing, hand painting & crazy quilting embroidery seamlessly combine in search of balance between structure, randomness and narrativity. Luring one into a meditative dance with rhythms of floating colors and dispersing shapes, hydro printing fascinates just like synchronous meetings creating improbable stories on cloth in the traditional relationship of man, fabric and personal adornment… As matter and maker co-create each piece a unique adventure, an invitation ripples to the wearer draped in the landscapes of the soul … to move with strength and daring, outstandingly artistic and powerfully graceful. Prints like painted canvases slide off the wall, free from the frame into life at the service of women’s enigmatic poetic beauty.